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Hiking Location 4

Lake Ingalls will always hold a special place in my heart. I’ve seen this magical place several times and in all four seasons, each time offering a very different experience. Ingalls is not for the casual hiker: A moderate 8-miler that takes you through towering firs and pines beside a rushing river on the valley floor. Climbing higher, you ascend the dry, rocky ridge until you’re likely greeted by one of the many mountain goats, keeping proud vigil over the alpine kingdom. The trail then winds down the opposite side of ridge, through an idyllic meadow lined with golden larch in the fall that is straight out of a fairy tale. Finally, you’ll scramble up a stretch of steep, ancient lava flows until your reach the tarn — Lake Ingalls, basking in the high sun and mountain stillness, with the pristine reflection of Mt. Stuart mirrored in its dark waters. It’s a glorious sight!

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